Aggravated Assault

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Do you have a family member who has been charged with aggravated assault?  Although assault is a misdemeanor, your loved one could face felony charges if the charge is elevated to aggravated assault.  According to Arizona Statute 13-1204, aggravated assault includes:
  • Causing serious injury to another person, such as broken bones
  • assault against an officer of the law
  • assault against a health care professional
  • and many others

Additionally, a charge of aggravated assault is often associated with the use of a dangerous weapon, such as a gun, knife, or baseball bat.  Further, any life-threatening injury that results from an altercation will be considered aggravated assault.  In some cases, aggravated assault could be connected with other crimes, such as crimes against children.

If your loved one faces serious aggravated assault charges, Mr. Garcia is available to help you 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Bernardo Garcia is a Phoenix assault lawyer who speaks both English and Spanish and offers free consultations, as well as jail visits within Maricopa County.  Contact Mr. Garcia for effective criminal defense representation today.  He speaks with clients directly on his personal cell phone, rather than delegating legal emergencies to his staff.

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The legal system in the State of Arizona can be unforgiving, and prosecutors can be relentless.  Mr. Garcia also handles other criminal defense cases such as arson, theft, homicide, and other charges.  If your family member has been accused of a serious crime, Bernardo Garcia can help every step of the way.

Bernardo Garcia is an Arizona attorney who focuses his practice on criminal defense.  He will offer caring, attentive legal representation for your loved one, no matter how serious the charges.  He can protect your loved one’s rights, even in Arizona’s complex legal system.  If your family member has been arrested, contact the Garcia Law Firm, PLC for help today.