Sex Crimes

A Phoenix Sex Crimes Attorney: When Experience Matters

Handle Your Charges Through an Arizona Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with a sex crime can be scary.  The State of Arizona takes these charges seriously, and the accused person’s family may suffer from guilt or shame.  While a few sex crimes are misdemeanors (such as indecent exposure), many are felonies.  Depending on the severity of the charges, a conviction could mean a lengthy prison sentence, a hefty fine, and other forms of punishment or restitution.  A convicted sex offender would need to register with the state and be prohibited from living in certain neighborhoods.

In this type of a case, it is important to find a Phoenix sex crimes attorney who handles these issues with professional care.  Even in the face of a serious conviction, Bernardo Garcia is a dedicated Arizona criminal lawyer who can help.

If you or a family member has been charged with a sex crime, contact the Garcia Law Firm, PLC for a free consultation.  Mr. Garcia also offers free jail visits within Maricopa County.

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Bernardo Garcia, the practicing attorney at the Garcia Law Firm, PLC, understands the seriousness of charges related to sex crimes.  As a more than 25-year veteran lawyer, Mr. Garcia can provide effective criminal defense as he represents you or a loved one in the Arizona court system.  Mr. Garcia can help with a range of charges, including:


Whether he is working with a first-time offender or a repeat offender, Bernardo Garcia handles each case personally.  Rather than delegate important phone calls to his legal staff, Mr. Garcia takes them on his personal cell phone.  As a Spanish speaking criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Garcia does not leave his Spanish speaking clients in the hands of a translator.

If you need a bilingual attorney, contact the Garcia Law Firm, PLC for a free consultation or jail visit today.