Defending the Mentally Ill Charged with Arson

If you or a loved one with a history of mental illness has been accused of arson, you may find yourself wondering what to do next.  The relationship between arson and mental illness (schizophrenia, for instance) is very complex. A charge of arson carries serious consequences, so you’ll want an experienced attorney to handle the case.  Bernardo Garcia is a dedicated arson defense attorney who provides personal attention to each and every client.  Contact Mr. Garcia for a free consultation in either English or Spanish.

Arizona prosecutors take arson very seriously.  Prosecutors have plenty of incentive to pursue accused arsonists vigorously, since not only is arson considered a felony, but it also involves significant damage to property. The Arizona Department of Public Safety reports millions of dollars in damage every year. In some minor cases, a suspect may be charged instead with reckless burning, which is a misdemeanor.

Defending the Mentally Ill who are Charged with Crimes.

As a knowledgeable and hard-working criminal defense lawyer, Bernardo Garcia understands the Arizona penal system.  He will take your case and represent you or a loved one vigorously in court.

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Handle Your Case with a Phoenix Arson Defense Attorney

A judge will consider a number of factors in cases that involve arson. For example, the amount of property damage is an important factor, as are several other variables.  Whether a property was occupied at the time of the incident will influence a judge’s decision, as will any connection to other crimes. For instance:  if arson is connected to insurance fraud or homicide, the sentence could be even more severe.

To the extent possible under the law, Bernardo Garcia will work with prosecutors and the judge to minimize or throw-out your sentence. Calls from clients are routed to his cell phone, so you will get personal attention to your case at any time, day or night.

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