Mental Health Defenses

Phoenix Mental Health Defense Lawyer, Bernardo Garcia

An Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Who Cares

Some people commit serious crimes without being in full control of their mental faculties.  Without understanding the full consequences of their actions, they may commit misdemeanors and felonies that, under normal circumstances, translate to prison time.  It is important to take advantage of legal services from a knowledgeable attorney to protect the mentally ill from a prison sentence.

While it is regrettable that they committed a crime, the prison system is not the place to treat mental illness.  Even if someone has committed crimes such as arson, robbery, or assault, the best solution may be a mental health defense.  In some cases, the court will decide in favor of treatment that can turn a life around.

Bernardo Garcia is an Arizona criminal defense attorney who can help.  As a more than 25-year veteran, Mr. Garcia has enough experience in the legal system to help any client.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime and you believe that mental health is to blame, contact Mr. Garcia today.

Let a Phoenix Mental Health Defense Lawyer Handle Your Charges

Bernardo Garcia is a seasoned professional who has successfully defended numerous clients who are mentally ill.  In some cases, the courts have

  • Dropped charges due to mental illness
  • Granted jail diversions (alternatives to prison, such as admission to a mental health facility)
  • Admitted a client to a state hospital after determining that the client was guilty, but also insane
  • Reduced sentences


Although some crimes can be serious, it is unfair and unethical to allow the mentally ill to suffer in the prison system.  Some cases of mental illness can be treated successfully.  The individual can become a productive member of society again and lead a happier, crime-free life.

Bernardo Garcia is an AZ criminal law attorney who offers free consultations and jail visits in Maricopa County.  If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime and may suffer from mental illness, contact Mr. Garcia for your consultation today.