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A conviction for homicide carries significant consequences.  In Arizona, the consequences for first-degree murder can be life in prison, and prosecutors will often seek the death penalty.  Other types of homicide, including second-degree murder, manslaughter, and negligent homicide, are less serious but still carry significant penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence.  Depending on the case, charges of homicide may also be associated with other charges, including aggravated assault, robbery, or DUI/DWI.

If your family member has been charged with homicide, hiring the right attorney could save your loved one’s life.   A seasoned, professional, and knowledgeable Phoenix homicide attorney can work hard to get a sentence reduced.  Bernardo Garcia offers strategic criminal defense under Arizona law.

At the Garcia Law Firm, PLC, Bernardo Garcia understands how important your loved one is to you.  As a dedicated family man, Mr. Garcia can offer the same protection to your loved one that he would give to his own.  Hire a trusted Arizona murder defense lawyer to protect your loved one’s rights.  Contact Bernardo Garcia today in English or Spanish.

Mr. Garcia offers free consultations to assess your case.  He will also visit your loved one in jail in Maricopa County for free.

Expect Experience from an Arizona Homicide Attorney

With more than 25 years of experience as an attorney, Bernardo Garcia can provide a skillful approach to criminal defense and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome.  Charges of homicide are classified as felonies in the Arizona legal system, and they include:

  • Negligent homicide:  the person charged with homicide was unaware of the danger he or she posed through irresponsible behavior, and his or her behavior resulted in another person’s death
  • Manslaughter:  the person charged with a crime was allegedly aware of the threat he or she posed through reckless behavior, which resulted in the death of another person
  • Second-degree murder:  the person charged with a crime allegedly intended to kill another person, but the act was not premeditated
  • First-degree murder:  the person charged with a crime allegedly intended to kill another person, and the act was premeditated


No matter the charges, Bernardo Garcia stands ready to assist you or your loved one.  Calls from clients are directed to his personal cell phone, so you know you will receive the attention your case deserves.  Contact Bernardo Garcia for a free consultation today.