Drug Trafficking

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Drug trafficking or other drug offenses carry stiff penalties in Arizona.  Because possession and trafficking of illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines can lead to significant prison time, exorbitant fines, and a criminal record that cannot simply be erased, you need an experienced drug trafficking defense lawyer to handle your case.

A simple highway stop can sometimes turn into drug charges.  If your or a loved one has been caught with a large amount of drugs, Bernardo Garcia can advise you about strategies to handle various charges, including misdemeanors and felonies.  As an experienced Arizona drug crimes lawyer, Mr. Garcia protects his clients the way he protects his own family.

As a Spanish speaking attorney, Bernardo Garcia offers free consultations in English or Spanish, as well as a free jail visit within Maricopa County.  If you or a loved one faces criminal charges related to drug trafficking, contact the Garcia Law Firm, PLC.

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Because the United States Department of Justice has identified Arizona as a “High Intensity” drug trafficking area, Arizona law enforcement officials are working around the clock to keep drugs from coming across the border.  Any number of drug crimes could be associated with drug trafficking, including possession, manufacture, or distribution of drugs.  In some cases, your loved one may get caught up in other border crimes, such as human trafficking or illegal reentry after deportation.

If your loved one has been arrested for drug trafficking, drug possession, or other criminal offenses, Bernardo Garcia can help.  The Garcia Law Firm, PLC offers criminal defense services for DUI/DWI, robbery, assault, and more.  Mr. Garcia is devoted to his business in the same way he is devoted to his family.  Your loved one will receive personal care and attention from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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